Jack Byers is a full stack web developer specializing in PHP. He also has experience in UX and visual design. Jack lives in Durham, NC, and is currently available for freelance projects.

Selected Projects

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The International Preschools (ipsnyc.org)

The International Preschools is a group of private preschools in Manhattan. I led a small team of developers in porting their site to WordPress. We added a secure portal where parents can access announcements, photos, newsletters, and calendars. This content is customized for users based on which class(es) their children are enrolled in. We also added an online application, ecommerce registration for extracurriculars, a daily email digest, a Javascript age calculator, and more. Because of sensitive information and parents’ privacy concerns, security was a top priority. The overhauled website was very popular in a recent survey of parents, and traffic has grown by more than 100%. Recently IPS retained me again to update the site’s visual design. The new design is modern and family-friendly. Parallax images create visual interest, and the responsive front end is built with the Foundation 6 framework.

BNY Dental (bnydental.com)

BNY Dental is a dental practice on Manhattan’s Upper West Side that was tired of paying ZocDoc’s ever-increasing fees. They commissioned me to create a custom WordPress site where patients could book appointments online. I worked with their staff to come up with a solution that would keep their workflow intact, be easy for patients to use, and save them money. The design reflects the practice’s professional attitude and personal touch, and their chosen gold, purple, and light blue color scheme is appropriate for a medical site but unique among their competitors. The site’s responsive design allows users to book appointments from any device.

HGTV Bingo (hgtvbingo.com)

HGTV Bingo is an interactive game that lets users play along with several TV shows. The site was originally written in pure PHP and later ported to CodeIgniter. The design is simple, colorful, and fun. Prominent jQuery animations make it feel lively and playful, but also serve to show users how to use the site with no instructions. The game is ideal for playing on a phone, so the site’s mobile-first design is fully functional on all screen sizes. HGTV Bingo went viral when it was first posted, getting thousands of hits in its first few hours because of a post on Reddit.

Pick Magnet (currently in private alpha)

Pick Magnet is a web app that allows college basketball fans to compete to pick the outcomes of games. Each week, users and their friends nominate games and then predict the winners. The site uses a large MySQL database that is built to scale and holds information about users, leagues, and thousands of college basketball games. Pick Magnet was originally built with pure PHP and is currently being ported to CodeIgniter. The design is colorful, fun, and addictive—most users visit daily during the season. Pages display an enormous amount of complex information without sacrificing usability or attractiveness. (The site is currently in private alpha and open to invited users only.)

Loretta Park (lorettapark.com)

Loretta Park is a visual artist who needed a portfolio site. Her work is full of bright colors and interesting textures, so I decided to use her detail photos as backgrounds for the site. The effect is that as soon as you load a page, you’re interested to know more about Loretta’s work. You can see vivid colors and textures, and you immediately want to see the whole sculpture. The rest of the design is clean, bold, and modern. It has an edgy look but uses familiar UX patterns to make it easy to navigate. The site uses a custom-made WordPress theme, so it is easy for Loretta to edit and update on her own. (The design has since been altered to meet the requirements of Loretta’s grad school program.)

Iza Wojciechowska (izawojciechowska.com)

Iza Wojciechowska is a writer who needed a portfolio site. The site uses a customized WordPress theme, so it’s easy for Iza to add, edit, and update content as needed. The design is airy and approachable with a minimalist layout that keeps the user’s attention focused on the written word. It is modern and professional enough to appeal to Iza’s potential freelance clients, while subtle personal touches evoke Iza’s ethereal writing style.